Welcome to Hundreds of Adventures & Hundreds of Sunsets


Welcome to Campbell County, one of the most beautiful  and growing retirement destinations in East Tennessee. Our natural resources, scenic beauty, convenient location, low cost of living, mild climate, low crime rate, and lifestyle amenities make Campbell County a desirable place to call home.

Campbell County is comprised of four municipalities: Jacksboro (county seat), LaFollette, Caryville, and Jellico. Deerfield Resort; Campbell County’s premier planned retirement community is nestled between the Cumberland Mountains and the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. Located to the north of Knoxville, Tennessee, just east of I-75, Deerfield Resort is situated on a beautiful peninsula of Norris Lake, the largest of the TVA lakes with over 800 miles of shoreline and a surface area of 34,000 acres.

Norris Lake is well known for its fishing, skiing and boating on it’s deep clean waters. Deerfield Resort is the only development on Norris Lake with a private airstrip, a championship golf course, swimming pools, a children’s playground, tennis courts, restaurants, sand volleyball and much more!

Campbell County is home to 11 marinas and has been named the “Marina Capital of Tennessee” by the state of Tennessee legislature.

The average precipitation level is: rainfall (in) 52 and Snowfall (in) 5.2  Precipitation Days – 116. The average summer temp is 86 degrees. The average winter temp is 24degrees

With hundreds of sunsets and hundreds of adventures, Campbell County, Tn is a retiree’s dream come true!