The Good Life

We grew up in a rural area outside of Chicago in the 40’s and 50’s. Our backyards were flat prairies of tall grasses and rocky roads.  The time when life was moving faster than we realized, and we were children not affected by the speed of the world.   The closest town was similar to the look of LaFollette but miles away.  We were fortunate in that our school system was funded by a segment of the large industrial area on the skirts of the city.  We had great educational and job opportunities because of the proximity of a city like Chicago.

We were playmates as children and have known each other for 67 years and married for 49.  We had our offices in downtown Chicago, were fortunate to have had the opportunity to do a fair amount of travel and always felt we would go North, Minnesota, Michigan or Wisconsin.

As we grew a little older we realized how much we disliked the Chicago area winters, along with the congestion of how our 40 mile trip to work could take up to two hours.  We longed for getting back to a different pace of life, someplace we could identify with.

John continued to travel the Nashville, Chattanooga and Knoxville triangle for our business and he would always say that the Knoxville area was just so beautiful regardless of the time of year he was there.   We looked at a variety of communities from Watts Barr, Douglas and Norris, found LaFollette.  We wanted water and if at all possible rural, but within a reasonable distance to the outside world and good medical facilities.

We found our peace of heaven here in Campbell County.  The lake, rural area and mountains to top it off.  We experience the four seasons and have enjoyed some of the best January’s working outside ever!  Spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year between the redbuds and dogwoods, looking out my windows and seeing the lake with McCloud Mountain in the background hasn’t lost anything in the 16 years we have been here permanently, breathtaking.  Campbell County has many places where you could imagine a view from a train traveling through the Swiss mountains.

The community is welcoming, interested in the diversity that retirees bring to the area and join in to see positive growth in the area.   A wealth of volunteers work within the community and life rewarding friendships are made every day.  Our neighbors are a variety of retirees from a wide spectrum from coast to coast.  All whom have realized the value of this community.  The fishing is great, deep waters, big fish.  Golfing for all levels, great outdoor activity for adventure tourism each season.    Royal Blue wildlife management area with over 600 miles of trails to hike and 4 wheel.  Four state parks within the County and some of the most glorious views to be seen every time you turn your head.  The I-75 corridor will take you to a multitude of day trips.  The wonders of the area are endless.

There are several organizations in the County for the artistic creativity that I was looking for from a local Arts Association, Historical Society and many other opportunities for the retiree to find to give back at their convenience.  The area also supports the variety of national clubs that dot so many communities across the United States.

Yes, we found our peace of life here in a Campbell County, it was coming home again, eight hours South!

Karen Cumorich